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After nearly 30 years, suddenly I’ve apparently decided to trust Steve Jobs.

Well, to be more accurate, the decision’s been made for me.  My wife had an Apple IIe back in the day, so this is nothing new for her.  I’m just along for the iRide. I’m typing this on our iPad. … Continue reading

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At the risk of straying from the topic of online trust – sometimes, just sometimes, joining a FB page isn’t a waste of time.

Facebook brought Stephen Fry to Melbourne.  Thank you, Stephen.  Thank you, Facebook. The rut I live in was too deep and wide for me to consider escaping for a night.  Bugger. I didn’t really need to see him live, though. … Continue reading

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Trust you? I don’t even know you!

Below is a conversation I stumbled over on a commercial site’s facebook page which was posted an hour or so ago between persons A & B. A] i do not want to use a credit card on the internet so … Continue reading

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There are some places on the interwebs where you’ll want to check your trust at the door.

Someone made a comment the other day which I found interesting.  They claimed that “An assumption of trust is central to all participation online.”  (OK, I’m being a tad disingenuous – it’s an essay topic set by my lecturer.  Still, … Continue reading

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If YOU were the Prime Minister, would you respond to tweets?

There was an interesting piece on ABC’s Lateline on Tuesday, suggesting that politicians are only using social media to push their message at voters. The argument is roughly that, for example, Gillard has oodles of followers and she tweets like … Continue reading

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Content-on-demand doesn’t work when I’m demanding the content before you’ve finished it. Damn.

So, I’m reading Mark Scott’s recent (June) address to the Australian Council Marketing Summit, as you do, and it occurs to me that I’m never going to be satisfied. As the MD of the ABC, he’s got good cause to … Continue reading

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