At the risk of straying from the topic of online trust – sometimes, just sometimes, joining a FB page isn’t a waste of time.

Facebook brought Stephen Fry to Melbourne.  Thank you, Stephen.  Thank you, Facebook.

The rut I live in was too deep and wide for me to consider escaping for a night.  Bugger.

I didn’t really need to see him live, though. (Yes, I’m kidding myself, but bear with me for a moment.)  I’ve grown up with him.  Firstly through broadcast TV, then he became more accessible through both VHS & Beta.  And then, the newfangled digital media.

A quick look at his IMDB page suggests that I’ve seen more than half of the works he’s acted in.  Even the voicework for Pocoyo and Little Big Planet. (With thanks to my children.)  And I’m a fan of his novels, for that matter.

More to the point, though, I didn’t need to see him because he’s so accessible online.  He blogs.  He tweets.  He’s a presence in cyberspace, bless him, and I often amuse myself with his work.

Many good things have come from FB pages.  This is one of them.  I don’t expect to be commenting on many of the others, though.  Muttering darkly and looking askance at the world in general will resume in the next post.


About timimus

I'm a Media student at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Just that, and little more.
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