After nearly 30 years, suddenly I’ve apparently decided to trust Steve Jobs.

Well, to be more accurate, the decision’s been made for me.  My wife had an Apple IIe back in the day, so this is nothing new for her.  I’m just along for the iRide.

I’m typing this on our iPad.  Using the screen keyboard is a rather painful process if you like to punctuate correctly, as I do, but it’s about as sensible a layout as it could be, I think.

WordPress app? Check.  Facebook app? Check.  Countless other apps? Check. I’m beginning to understand why I see more and more FB updates through FB mobile.  The novelty factor’s already wearing off, though.

This is, obviously, a fairly content-light post.  I felt the need to use the new toy for this purpose – rushing ahead with new technologies without understanding their potential or dangers seems a very appropriate course of action for a DMC student to take, after all. 😉

Postscript – the word press app hasn’t let this be published.  I’ve had to use the browser.  That’s something I understand, anyway …


About timimus

I'm a Media student at La Trobe University, Melbourne. Just that, and little more.
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